Cool Baby Carriers Free Up Your Hands

Baby slings and carriers keep your hands free. Credit: Getty Images It wasn't that long ago that parents were constantly lugging babies around in detachable car seats -- not any more. When you need to get something done and your new ba...Keep your hands free, and baby close, with infant carriers.

How to Ditch the Diapers and Start Potty Training

If your children are well past diapers, you don't have children, or you feel the urge to shout "TMI!" at your computer screen on a regular basis, please, avert your eyes. This column may not be for you. If, however, you have a small diapered person i...Potty training requires two things: readiness and commitment.

Find the Right Baby Carrier

Hands-free parenting wouldn't be possible without one crucial bit of gear: baby carriers. In fact, a lot of things wouldn't be possible: Remember that, while negotiating passage of the continent and translating for Lewis and Clark, the teenaged...

Green To-Go: BabyBjorn Organic Baby Carrier

Cradle your bundle in an Earth-friendly carrier. Credit: BabyBjorn
If you've got a baby, chances are you've got a Bjorn. So good news for eco-conscious moms: BabyBjorn has just introduced a green line of carriers and bouncers made from cert...

Buying a car

So we're buying a car. It was a hard decision to make, given I've lived in New York City for so long without one. Considering how expensive both gas and insurance are, a car wasn't an additional cost I was looking to add to daycare and diapers. I'...

Museums and children

Yesterday I took Mercer to the American Museum of Natural History. My friend, a former New Yorker born and raised in the Big Apple said, "You took the baby to the AMNH on A Sunday afternoon???? Meaning, there were about a million other people there...

Have baby: Will travel...rocking and strolling

Yesterday morning after only a few minor catastrophes we managed to get out of the hotel and back on the road. Until the very last minute, no one peed on anything inappropriate (not even Don). Then while Don was getting the car loaded and after I t...

Have baby: Will travel...on the road

Oh MY GOD. Today, and especially this morning, has been nearly as insane as when I went into labor. I know it's my first time traveling with an infant and everything, but I think I might lose my mind if I don't get to take a shower and just go to ...

Have baby: Will travel...get packing!

As you may have noticed I've been relatively silent on the board these past few days. The sad truth is that all of my time has been eaten up planning for this trip. Now I have the enormous task of packing--for me, my son, my dog and essentially m...

Is it too soon to take baby to a party?

Well, I guess I've sort of answered that question already, as I've now taken my darling little baby boy to two parties, but I thought I'd share my experiences with you and see what you think! A few week ago, when Mercer was between ten and twelve we...

Nursing pads stink!

Nursing pads stink. I hate them. Really--HATE. I hate them because they're too thick and no matter how long you work with them, you can still see them underneath anything but the thickest of shirts. It's June in NYC and it's HOT so all I want to ...

How to calm a crying baby, part two: the results

As many of you know I am a first time mom tending to a brand new baby boy. Recently at my wits end I turned to the Internet for ways to help calm my crying baby. I'd like to thank all the readers who provided such wonderfully creative and helpful ...

Product Recall: BABYBJ??RN Feeding Spoons

BabySwede LLC, of Cleveland, Ohio, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their BABYBJÖRN Feeding Spoons. After the spoons have been used for a while, the soft plastic tip can loosen and break off. T...


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