GapKids to Get the Diane von Furstenberg Touch With New Collaboration

Diane von Furstenberg. Credit: Getty Images Fashion-savvy moms everywhere rejoiced a couple years back when GapKids and babyGap joined forces with Stella McCartney to create some incredibly cute -- and pretty affordable -- children's c...The designer -- a mother and grandmother -- says she's excited to design for kids.

Gap Wants to Dress Your Babies in Premium Denim

Gap now offers its 1969 Premium Denim line for babies. Credit: Gap
You like your denim to be premium, so why shouldn't your baby get to wear the same trendy styles? Seems the folks at Gap have been wondering the same thing, and, with this week...

Zodiac Onesies!

OK, call me a card but hey, these Zodiac onesies from The Gap are pretty cute. Silly--sure, but still cute. They're also $13, which is a little steep for something junior is going to grow out of in a heartbeat. But, uhm, they're cute. If you're into...

Rumor report: Suri is not the new face of baby gap

Well, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb, see the last item), even though I hadn't heard the rumor--and I try to keep up with these things, you know--apparently it's one that is unfounded. Imagine that! Apparently a rumor was circulat...

Image of the Day: A wink and some sand

A big thank you to Wei and Yung for sharing their beach moment with us at Image of the Day. This precious moment, shot from a the super cool angle of life as a small person, captures exactly what it must feel like to be so young and so in tune with t...


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