Irish Names for Modern Babies

Lots of Americans have Irish grandmothers named Bridget and Grandpa Patricks, moms named Eileen or Kathleen, uncles or dads called Sean. But now, in time for St. Patrick's Day, there's a new generation of Irish names. With deep Gaelic roots, these...Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here's a new generation of Irish names.

Am I Too Young to Change My Name?

I'm a boy, and my dad thought Karmen was a boy's name when I was born. Now I'm called Karmen in all my official statements, school records etc. I really hate it and I get bullied for it. I'm 16. Can I change my name? How? - Karmen In the U.S., ...You've run into an ugly truth about names in America: Gender matters. A lot.

What Baby Names Say About the Parents

A baby's name says a lot about the parents' values and tastes. Credit: Getty Images The name parents give to their newborn baby says more about them than it does about their child. A name communicates a wealth of social information, inc...The name parents give to their newborn baby says more about them than it does about their child.

My Daughter's Name Matches Her Birthday!

Our favorite girl's name, the only one we can agree on, is June. We picked it before we got pregnant and now we are due in June! Is it too tacky to name your child after the month she is born in? - June Mom I've received questions like this man...June is a classic. October or November? Now, those might be weird.

Is My Favorite Baby Name Too Weird?

I've been having a love affair with the name Calypso since I was 16 years old! I love the name, I love the sound, I love the Greek mythology and I love the nickname Caly to go with it. My husband also loves the name, but neither of us are sure if we ...This name may make people think "Day-O," rather than Greek nymph.

Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Names of 2010

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham, with daughters Ella, left, and Grace, get kudos for Grace's name. Credit: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images Tracking the names celebrities give their babies is like a sport nowadays. Whether the stars choose...From Aviana Olea to Buddy Bear Maurice, check out this year's crop of celebrity baby names.

Does My Brother Have Dibs on My Favorite Name?

I am having my third child and plan to name the child (if it is a boy) after my father. My older brother has two daughters, and he is recently remarried. He has talked about having more children. My father is the only boy in his generation, as is my ...This question takes us beyond the realm of baby naming rules, into the twisty world of family traditions.

Is My Daughter's Name Too Confusing?

We named our daughter Kennedy for her first name and Devyn for her middle name. We now realize that when just hearing her name, no one knows if she is a boy or girl, because both first and middle names can belong to a girl or a boy. Did we make a mis...If you decide that the confusion isn't worth it, the good news is that you only need to change the middle name.

Can I Avoid Nicknames?

I am due in December, and my husband and I like the name William. The problem is our last name, which ends in "ll" as well, rules out the nickname Will. We do not like any of the other popular nicknames for William. How reasonable is it to expect tha...As many Name Lady readers have told me, nicknames have a life of their own. Parental control only goes so far.

I'm the Victim of a Baby Name Thief!

I had a baby name picked out for about 10 years, and I made the mistake of telling someone about it. Not only did they take the first name, but they took the middle name, too! It's completely uncommon. I know full well that I have no ownership of t...Whenever I see this person writing their baby's name, I actually feel betrayed. Is this completely insane?

Does My Baby Need a Whole Name?

I want to name my baby boy J.R. as his first name. My grandfather was nicknamed J.R. and I want to name my son in honor of him. Since my husband and I can't agree on what the J and R would stand for I'm thinking of just naming him with initials. Do y...Well, that's a creative solution to a naming deadlock: Not choosing a name at all!

Spain Finds New Way to Push for Gender Equality

Who gets to name the baby? Credit: Getty Images
MADRID (AP) - Spain's reform-minded Socialist government wants to erase male bias in the country's double-barrel last names.
Spaniards have two last names, and unde...
Spain's reform-minded Socialist government wants to erase male bias in the country's double-barrel last names.
HO, AFP/Getty Images

How Can We Compromise on Baby Names?

I'm currently in my second trimester with twins, a boy and a girl. We settled on our son's name easily, Nathaniel James. However, we can't seem to find the perfect girl's name. I would like to find a name that matches our son's. I'm in love with old ...Compromise is a tricky word when it comes to baby names. To find real middle ground, you have to understand the styles on each side.

5 Easy Ways to Judge a Baby Name

When it comes to choosing a baby name, trust your instincts. Credit: Nicole Hill, Getty Images
This article is courtesy of Pamela Redmond Satran of nameberry.
Many of us spend an entire nine months -- or even longer -- weighing the ...
Many of us spend an entire nine months -- or even longer -- weighing the relative merits of names for our babies, but here are some tips for making the decision easier.
Getty Images

Can I Give My Daughters the "Same" Name?

My 2-year-old daughter's name is Elizabeth. Since Isabella is the Spanish version of the name Elizabeth, should I not name my new baby Isabella? The two names sound and look completely different to me, but will this create a lifelong problem for my...Don't we all create lifelong problems for our children?


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