Planning for Summer Child Care

Summer will be here before you know it, and our little ones are counting down the days until school lets out. When that happens, families will have to fill anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day of child care. Summer isn't only a difficult time to...When school's out, families have to fill anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day of child care.

Adventures in Baby-Sitting: Employees Expected to Watch Boss's Kids

In "The Devil Wears Prada," Anne Hathaway had to deal with Meryl Streep's coat. In real life, she'd have to babysit, too. Credit: Ashriber, 20th Century Fox "Take Your Kid to Work Day" is bad enough when your boss brings in her whiny of...The separation of cubicle and cradle is narrowing as a growing number of entry-level Manhattan women are finding that in order to get ahead in their careers, they better "volunteer" to babysit their boss's kids.

Are Tweens Really Ready to Babysit?

Even if they have training, are tweens really ready to watch your baby? Credit: Getty Images
Thrilled that your neighbor's kid is finally old enough to babysit? Sorry to throw a monkey wrench into date night, but your tween babysitter actually ma...
Hiring a tween to babysit your child? She may be too busy watching Nick Teen to do a good job.

Curfew-Breaking Teen Sentenced to Hard Time - Babysitting for Free

Credit: Adrian McCandless, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram
What we had here was a failure to communicate. Kristin Rausch should have known better. You do not want to break the law in Texas, a state known for its strict treatment of criminals. ...

Sittercity: Find a Babysitter Online

Go online to find your sitter. Credit: Getty Images
Sittercity is a popular web site for finding a babysitter. The site was founded by Genevieve Thiers, who worked her way through Boston College babysitting for over 30 families, after she witne...

Babysitting Jobs: Hiring the Best Babysitter

Finding the right babysitter can be a tough job. Credit: Getty Images
Looking for someone to fill a babysitting job? As a parent, hiring a reliable and knowledgeable babysitter can be a daunting proposition. Who can you trust to care for your c...

Driver Finds Toddler in Busy Intersection

An Ohio toddler wandered into a busy road. Credit: Jupiterimages
How young is too young to babysit? One mother who asked her 9-year-old daughter to watch her little brother found out the hard way. A 14-month-old boy was found crawling in th...

Do You Feel Your Babysitter Judges You?

Housekeeping was never my strong suit, and with two kids and working from home, the house is one handful of Cheerios away from being condemned by the public health department. That's why I expect my babysitter to do some light housekeeping. You ...

Worst Babysitter Ever?

They've never found Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster? I don't think so. But The Worst Babysitter In The History of Babysitting? Yep. I think this is her. Let's look at the facts. Brandy Albright was babysitting a 2 year old boy in Port St. Luc...

Babysitter quandaries

My husband and I are now the parents of TWO children, and we have yet to find a babysitter. How sad is that? The only time we ever spend alone with each other outside of the house is when family is in town and we manage to fob off the kids on them fo...

Visiting family for the holidays: Built-in babysitters

I've only been in Oklahoma at my parents' home for 24 hours and I'm already feeling super blissed out. (FYI - The 2 flights and accompanying layover were perfect yesterday, thanks to all of your recommendations! The DVD player definitely won the Mo...

Not quite able to leave the children alone yet

The whole Blogging Baby team knows that Tuesday nights are karaoke nights for me and my husband. We have been going almost every week for five years now. Last night, we realized that our babysitter is out of town. We realized this about an hour befor...

Tears for mom

Yesterday I left Nolan at his grandparents for an hour to give myself a brief and (I think) well-deserved break. This is only the second time I've left him there, but he has visited with them lots and is very comfortable in their baby-friendly home. ...

Movies with babysitting: an idea I can really support

Two weeks ago, my husband and I settled into our theater seats - with pizza and coffee - to watch the first movie we'd seen in over six months. This was saying something, considering we used to go together as a date nearly every week before we had a ...

Babysitting Co-Op

Finding a babysitter to watch your kids while you and your spouse enjoy a night out can be a difficult task. If you can find a sitter, it's often an expensive add-on to dinner and a movie. Stefania Butler's sometimes avoided the babysitter tab by exc...


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