A Tabloid Star is Ruining My Name!

My name is Vienna. Unfortunately, this name is shared with the latest winner of the Bachelor, and people do not like her very much. I have heard people saying "I HATE Vienna! She's disgusting! Why would he want HER?" It takes me a while to realize ...

Married vs single health gap tightens

Looks like being married doesn't necessarily make you healthier than being single. A new study from Michigan State University points to the gap narrowing between married men and their bachelor counterparts with regard to health. Those who are confir...

McConaughey's mom wants him to wed

Matthew McConaughey's mom wants him to marry the mother of his first child, according to reports. When Matthew, who we all felt a confirmed bachelor, called his mom to share the good news his mother hoped he would get married. What--she wants him to...


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