Riding the Rails: Backpack Through Europe With the Kids

Follow some simple guidelines and take the kids across Europe by train this summer. Credit: markhillary, Flickr
You did it after college, when you were sowing your wild oats. Now, you have a family, but that shouldn't stop you from taking you...

Camping with kids

This past weekend, I took the kids camping (didja miss me?). We went with five other families we'd met through Jared's preschool. All told, there were eleven adults and thirteen kids in our group. We all had adjoining or nearby campsites and shared t...

Camping while pregnant

Some friends -- part of the same group we went with last time -- are organizing another camping trip. This time, it's the last weekend in April. Naturally, I want to go. Rachel, however, is complaining that it is close to her due date and she doesn't...

Camping with kids

So we finally got to go camping and all I can say is I'm sorry we didn't go sooner. (Thanks for all the great advice!) It's a little late in the year now to be thinking about going again, even for me, but come next spring, you can bet your bottom dol...

Going campin'

Back in the day, I used to do a lot of camping and backpacking. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. As in, leading trips for the Sierra Club. As in knowing the exact weight of every piece of gear I owned (baby scales are good for that). As in, having had...

Google your next hike

Hiking is great exercise, loads of fun, a great way to get in touch with nature, and even full of educational potential. I'll never forget, at a training weekend for Sierra Club backpacking trip leaders, one of the instructors pointed out that even i...


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