It's in the Bag: 10 Backpacks to Load Up on as Kids Head Back to School

Books, laptops, notebooks, gym clothes, folders, binders ... chances are good your child will be loaded down with supplies when she heads back to school. And, parents, when it comes to hauling them, you better believe that no ordinary backpack will...

ParentWish - Back (to school) Packs

Welcome to ParentWish, a monthly feature featuring stuff we want ... and wish we had! The lazy days of summer are almost behind us, and before you know it, school bells will be ringing. We've rounded up some of the coolest and most unique school bags...

Are boys more organized than girls?

There is always some sort of boy versus girl issue brewing. But the above question is one I often mull over as I am parenting my older two children. My oldest child, Loren, is a classic teen age boy; at 14 he eats huge amounts of food, preferably jun...

Product Recall: Cars-themed backpack game pieces

Global Design Concepts Inc., of New York, N.Y., in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling the Magnetic Game Pieces sold with their "Cars" Themed Backpacks. There are small magnets inside the game pieces whic...

Clipping lunch

As part of the vast array of clothes, stationery, and other supplies Rachel bought for Jared to get his school year off to a good start, Jared got a new backpack and lunchbox. The two of them are a matched set from the Disney store and the lunchbox c...

Are backpacks history?

It seems that these days, kids aren't so interested in backpacks for their school gear. Messenger bags are the new style, according to the Star Tribune. Kids are eschewing the traditional two-strap pack for the hip look of a beat-up messenger bag. If...

Back to school bags on a budget

For some, school is already in session, and -- even if your child has lucked out with a couple more weeks of summer vacation -- if won't be long before they, too, are back in class. If I remember anything about my grade school years, it's that the m...

Bullet-proof backpacks-video

A pair of Boston fathers have created a new backpack with a secret and it's not an heavy duty zipper or weight-distribution strapping. The bags are lined with a bullet-proof material intended to protect students during school shootings and save lives...


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