Will Bacon Baby Formula Sizzle in Sales?

Could bacon-flavored formula for baby be the new superfood? Credit: Getty Images
Mom bringing home the bacon is taking on a whole new meaning for babies. The latest sizzling idea on the infant front is bacon-flavored formula, wh...
Guess who moms are bringing home the bacon for? Babies.

Savenor's Bacon Society 2011: Monthly Bacon

Who wouldn't love a shipment of bacon in the mail every month? Credit: Savenor's
Sure, we've read the articles this year telling us how bacon has jumped the shark and the impassioned pleas for chefs around the country to move on to a new ...
Sure, bacon might have jumped the shark, but that's not enough to stop us diehard bacon fans from going hog wild for the smoky stuff.


First, let's get this out of the way: You cannot get swine flu from eating pork. The World Health Organization has made this very clear. As for that other cause of pork paranoia, trichinosis, you should have no worries at all about contracting this p...


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