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Can I Name My Baby After the Bad Guy?

If a rare name is well known for being a bad character in legend, mythology or a story, does it mean you can't use it? - Notorious Mom One challenge of writing a baby name advice column is that you can't change names to protect the innocent. ...If a rare name is well known for being a bad character in legend, mythology or a story, does it mean you can't use it?

Is My Nephew the Spawn of Satan?

My nephew's baby has already been born, but the name they chose will give you goosebumps. Damien. Are they in their right minds? I find it truly embarrassing. I think so many people have seen all the "Omen" movies. I know there is nothing you can do....

Do We Need New Baby Name Etiquette?

What about the people who choose a name for their child and expect it to be pronounced a certain way, yet it goes against English pronunciation? Then they actually get angry that you aren't smart enough to realize they are using a non-standard pron...

Her Baby Name Sounds Like a Bad Joke

An acquaintance who's due in two months just announced her choice for her baby's name. I immediately noticed the potential for a pun in the name, but I don't think she realizes it's there. Should we tell her, so at least she is aware and makes her ...

A Boy Named Precious

My little brother's name is Precious. He's starting school next month and I am scared of what other people will say about him. When he gets older I am so sure that he is going to get teased about his name. Our parents are Nigerian so our middle name...

Sweden lightens up on weird baby name ban

(Top 12 Most Awful Baby Names Ever) For a country that seems a tad uptight when it comes to unusual baby names, Sweden sure has a lot of parents pushing the envelope. Elvis, Superman, Google and Lego are just a few examples of parents going for s...

Book of Bad Baby Names

There are stacks of books dedicated to baby names, but only one dedicated to the atrocious and downright cruel monikers parents attached their innocent spawn in past. You thought Moxie Crimefighter was odd? By combing old ancestry records the author...

Bizarre celebrity baby names

Non-famous parents do it too, but celebrities do seem to have a special knack for saddling their kids with unusual monikers. And while the bizarre baby-naming trend does seem to be growing, it has actually been happening for quite some time. Just ask...

Is Toolio a nice name for a baby?

Naming an unborn baby can be a seriously daunting task for parents-to be. Two people with often wildly varying sensibilities must agree on a name that: a) Will not provoke relentless mocking on the playground b) Is not the same name as 72% of the o...


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