bad behavior 

It's OK, Fergie - We've Done Bad Things, Too

Selling access to your ex? Bad move. Credit: Seth Wenig, AP
Oh, Fergie. Things aren't going too well for you right now, are they? You're no stranger to scandal, but being photographed topless doesn't quite compare to the royal whoopsie of ge...

Worst Kid Habits - You Can Break Them and Stay Sane While You're Doing It

In the wake of the recent winter break , many of us spent a lot of beautiful quality time with our children. With so much togetherness, certain bad habits are bound to become much more, shall we say... noticeable. Spring break is just weeks away. Her...

Would you tell a stranger to butt out?

The playgrounds around here, while beautiful and quiet, are a little boring these days. Nolan and I frequent the two seaside playgrounds near our house at least every other day. I know every little ding on the slides there, every plop of seagull refu...

Carrying signs as punishment - cruel or clever?

When I saw this story about a mother forcing her teenage daughter to wear a sign in public detailing her bad behavior, I thought it sounded vaguely familiar. Then I remembered the father who, upon learning of his 14-year-old son's drug use, made the ...

The merging of households: sometimes a bumpy road

Yesterday I was driving along in my car when I was suddenly hit with a pang of guilt. I picked up my cell phone and dialed my mother with the following apology: Me: I'm sorry I was less than cordial this morning. I didn't intend to be so horrid. She:...

The trouble with family visits

I never knew that dying was such a complicated process. I should clarify that statement by adding that the aftermath of a sudden death and the procedures for the family are what seem to be so baffling. Not only are there mountains of paperwork, life ...

My Super Sweet 16, a rather sour show

After I put the children to bed at night, I will often indulge in a bit of trash TV to decompress from yet another day of mothering. The trashier the show, the better. The other night I happened upon MTV's My Super Sweet 16. This show documents girls...

Bad behavior linked to smoking in home

Asthmatic children who are exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes have a higher incidence of behavioral problems. A study at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center monitored 225 elementary school children, ages 5 to 12. All were expose...


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