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New Book Says That Fatherhood Can Be A 'Misery' For Dads

Move over "Bad Mother." Make room for "Bad Father." According London's "Daily Mail," men are finally speaking up about the sadness they feel when they have kids.
Day Out with Daddy: Celebrity Dads and Kids Matthew McConaughey ...

Mom Guilts Sons Into Committing Armed Robbery

Mom's financial plan lands family in jail. Photo courtesy of Desperate times may call for desperate measures, but this is ridiculous: A mother in Phoenix, Arizona recently lost her job and was having trouble coming up with the money to p...

Siberian Girl Literally Raised By Cats and Dogs

A 5-year-old girl in Siberia was being raised by cats and dogs, according to police. Image:
Next time you tell your kids that they're acting like they were raised by wolves, you may want to reconsider that statement. A 5-year-ol...

Kids Watching TV All Day - How Bad?

Had any bad-parent moments lately, where you end up looking around for your Worst Parent Award while wondering just how much you've damaged your child? If your answer is no, check out Links We Love for some amazing Mommy Blog links! If you're saying ...

Denis Leary makes asinine comments about autistic children

When this newsbite from our colleagues at CeleBitchy made its way into the ParentDish inbox, I swear it seemed familiar. I thought for sure we'd recently written about Denis Leary making ridiculous comments that children with autism were actually j...

Woman makes toddler smoke for Myspace, gets arrested

A woman in Virgina Beach wasn't content with video-taping her two year old doing adorable two-year-old antics like singing "Tinkle Tinkle Yiddle Star" or attempting the latest dance moves. Instead, Sandra Venery posted a profanity filled clip of her...

Want to feel better about yourself as a parent?

When I decided to write about some of my own personal custody issues on this site, I wondered if it would affect me emotionally, and if reliving those nightmarish years would make me question myself even more as a parent. Therefore, I have fallen ...

Teenager commits suicide over MySpace

It's a tragic story that combines Romeo & Juliet with "Mean Girls". A teenager, who had struggled with depression, ADD, and weight issues, was finally experiencing her Cinderella moment. She'd lost 25 lbs, was about to get her braces taken off, h...


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