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Annoying Toys: The Gift of Giving Parents ... a Headache

Whether it is deliberate gift-wrapped revenge or a well-meant mistake, kids are often the recipients of Christmas presents their parents would rather they did not receive. You know, those gifts that mysteriously disappear as soon as the kids go back ...

Holiday Stress, Suri's Christmas Puppy, and Paula Deen - Links We Love

Looking for a last minute Christmas craft? Here are some adorable ornaments to hang on your tree. -- AlphaMom So your in-laws put the fun in dysfunctional. Enjoy your holiday anyway with these stress-busting tips. -- Lemondrop Avoid buyer's rem...

Horrible toys children adore

The funny minds over Topless Robot blog assembled a list of classic toys that kids love and parents universally loathe and we came up with a few they missed. Before you attend a birthday party, check this master list of toy no-nos to make sure you'...


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