Halloween safety tips

Perhaps it's just a sign of the times, but even when I was kid it seems Halloween was as synonymous with safety as it was with candy. In fact, most parents I know spend as much time on safety concerns as their kids do picking out costumes. The days ...

Great bags for every day

Handbags are a great purchase: they are practical, for starters (think of all the stuff you have to lug around with you every day) and they're an easy way to upgrade even the most basic Mom Uniform. And unlike your jeans, a handbag ALWAYS fits, no...

Making veggies cool

Remember how it turns out that you can put just about anything in McDonald's packaging and it tastes better? Well, since ordering french fry boxes -- hold the fries -- from your local franchise might not be terribly practical, here's another option f...

Are backpacks history?

It seems that these days, kids aren't so interested in backpacks for their school gear. Messenger bags are the new style, according to the Star Tribune. Kids are eschewing the traditional two-strap pack for the hip look of a beat-up messenger bag. If...

Back to school bags on a budget

For some, school is already in session, and -- even if your child has lucked out with a couple more weeks of summer vacation -- if won't be long before they, too, are back in class. If I remember anything about my grade school years, it's that the m...

Pronto mini changer cute, practical

Inevitably, Nolan's most potent, volatile poops happen in public places - usually the mall or somewhere with dubious change facilities. And inevitably, I will have forgotten a key ingredient in my diaper bag - either the little plastic roll that prev...


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