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Cupcake-Selling Boys Shut Down by Cops Speak Out

Andrew DeMarchis got busted for his bake sale. Credit: David McGlynn
After countless interviews and tons of unsolicited publicity, you'd think 13-year-olds Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff would be pretty full of themselves by now. After all, Goo...
The 13-year-olds were hoping to raise money from a bake sale to buy a hot dog stand.

Of Cops and Kids and Chess (and Cupcakes)

You're busted! Those were the words heard recently by two groups of individuals who, rather than being dinged by the cops, probably deserved some sort of medal. The first was a group of seven men lurking near a playground. Scary, right? Get t...Grown men are banned from playing chess in the park and kids are barred from selling cupcakes -- all in the name of safety.

Half-Baked? Police Called on NY Kids' Cupcake Sale

Credit: Stan Honda, AFP/Getty Images
CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. (AP) - Some parents in a New York City suburb are upset because a local politician called police on two 13-year-old boys for selling cupcakes and other baked goods without a permit. The Jour...
Trying to sell cupcakes, kid? You better have a permit for that.

Bake Sales: Let Them Eat Junk!

What is it about bake sales that is making them the focal point of more acrimony than national health care? My God -- can't we sell the kids a couple of cupcakes, pocket enough quarters to buy the school a field trip, and let the kids ingest an iot...

Michigan Held Statewide Bake Sale to Fund Education

Michigan parents broke out the butter, sugar and flour to raise money for schools across the state. Credit: AMagill, Flickr
Parent-teacher organizations across Michigan held bake sales to bring attention to funding cuts that are eviscerating scho...

The end of the bake sale?

It's a traditional, and often delicious way for schools, PTAs, and student groups to make money -- the bake sale. Parents chip in by contributing their favorite goodies, and students chip in by buying them. Win/win, right? Wrong, says California, who...


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