Christening Invitations: Online Resources

Invite family and friends to your baby's christening with sweet invitations. Credit: Getty
The baptism, or christening, of a baby often is the first major milestone in the life of a child in many Christian families and, like other milestones,...

Tiger Woods skips baptism

Tiger Woods' three-month-old daughter, Sam Alexis Woods, was baptised last weekend in Sweden. Her mom was there. Her mom's family was there. Her father, however, was nowhere to be found. Apparently, he was attending a charity event in California. So ...

Fake priest baptizes baby, gets arrested

As you may know, recently I wrote a post regarding getting my son baptized. The post focused more on whether or not I should do it, and we all decided to just wait until kiddo is old enough to make the decision for himself. In related "news" from R...

Can I baptize my child without being religious?--a response

Hello, everyone, and thanks for all your feedback regarding my question about baptizing my son. After reading your comments, it seems many of you want to know why, exactly, I am thinking of baptizing my child even though I'm not religious (nor is m...

Violet Affleck baptized in West Virginia over Christmas

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck visited Jen's family over the holidays. Their one-year-old daughter, Violet, was baptized at a Methodist Church on Christmas Eve. Violet's cousin Alex, a few months younger, was baptized at the same occasion. Jennifer ...


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