BWI - Breastfeeding While Intoxicated

The great thing about breastfeeding is that you never have to worry about being unprepared -- you always have your baby's food source right there with you, no matter what. So if you're out shopping or get stuck in an elevator, no problem. Ditto if yo...

Need a lift to the bar? Just ask your kids.

Returning home from my company picnic yesterday, with my two thirteen-year-old nieces with me, I jokingly asked if either of them had their driver's license so that they could drive at least some of the way home and I could take a nap. (Neither one d...

Alcoholism in children

You know, there' s some truth to the notion that if you look hard enough you can find ANYTHING. I was trolling the ether this morning when I came across a topic I'd given little thought to: alcoholism in children. Not since Drew Barrymore's now-in...

Sydney pub offers childcare

I don't know about you, but I can't recall the last time I've been in an actual bar. Almost certainly, it was before the kids were born. Rachel doesn't drink and I don't drink much -- year-end holiday parties, annual vacation with Rachel's family, th...

Man sells step-daughter's dog to buy beer

Most parents probably spent New Year's Eve at home, away from the drunken chanting and chaotic celebrations at their local bar. But if you did end up out on the town last night, hopefully you didn't act like this guy. The alcohol-obsessed German told...

Pint-sized barman in England

They're sure precocious down in South Yorkshire. Chris Hardacre may be only twelve years old, but he's now a fully licensed bartender. His father runs the pub at the Star Inn in Barnby Dun in South Yorkshire. At twelve, he is the youngest ever to hav...


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