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Video: Barack Obama, Baby Whisperer

The president of the United States needs to be able to keep people calm in a crisis, so we probably shouldn't be too surprised he has a way of soothing a sobbing child. Mediaite reports that during a recent White House meet and greet Michelle ...The president instantly soothes a screaming child at meet and greet.

American Kids Really Stink at Science, Obama Tells Nation

President Obama said America is trailing other nations when it comes to math and science education in his State of the Union address. Credit: Tim Sloan, AFP/Getty Images In his State of the Union address Jan. 25, President Obama said...It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize America's not turning out a lot of rocket scientists.

Obama Visits Students in India, Enjoys Diwali Festival

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dance with students as they celebrate Diwali, a revered festival, during a visit to Holy Name High School in Mumbai, India. Credit: Charles Dharapak, AP
MUMBAI, India (AP) - President Barack Ob...
President Barack Obama is showing a softer side of his agenda in India, chatting with high school students and reveling in the celebration of a major religious festival.

No Tricks, Big Treat: a White House Halloween

Marian Robinson, from left, the mother of first lady, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hand out Halloween treats as they welcome children to trick-or-treat at the White House. Credit: Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP
President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, handed out Halloween treats to area children and military families at the White House Sunday evening.

Obama Shocked, Saddened by Youth Suicides

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama said he was "shocked and saddened" by the recent suicides of several young people who were bullied and taunted for being gay. "As a parent of two daughters, it breaks my heart. It's something that just ...The president said it's time for Americans to dispel the myth that bullying is "just a normal rite of passage."

KidPop News: Obama, Super Mario, and Literary Lions

Obama Picture Book Due Out in November
Credit: Amazon
I can hear the pundits now: The president wrote a children's book! It's propaganda! It's a stunt for the midterms! I think we can all relax -- It's just a picture book. It's called "Of Th...
Obama's publishing a kid's book and Super Mario turns 25? What is the world coming to?

Barack Obama Fails to Impress Babies

He might be the commander in chief, but (yawn) these babies just aren't that interested. It looks like the diaper-and-sippy-cup contingency is a politically-savvy bunch, according to this New York magazine slideshow, and they refuse to make eye con...

Malia Obama is Heading to Summer Camp

Malia Obama is trading her White House digs for summer camp bunk beds. Credit: Mandel Ngan, AFP / Getty Images
Bug juice, anyone? Being the president's daughter and living in the White House doesn't make for a typical tween existence, but no...

Vampires, Robots, Obamas: All Nickelodeon Award Nominees

Kevin James is set to host Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards next month. Credit: Nickelodeon
Vampires, monsters and robots, oh my! Luckily, they won't mind a little green slime. The nominees for this year's Kids Choice Awards will add a little ...

Obama's Executive Order: No Weeknight TV For Sasha and Malia

Despite his hip persona, President Obama does not allow TV on school nights. Credit: Callie Shell, Obama Transition Office/Getty Images
Don't ask Malia and Sasha Obama if they've seen the latest episode of "Hannah Montana" or "Wizards of Waverly ...

Obama to Propose Stimulus for 'Sandwich Generation' Parents

Families have a good reason to watch the State of the Union Address this week, and not just as fodder for a civics lesson. President Barack Obama is expected to announce a few proposals that mean to put more money back in the wallets of middle-clas...

Sarah Palin the Hero In New Children's Book

"Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!" Credit: Courtesy Katharine DeBrecht
A character named "Governor Sarah" helps two little boys fight for their swing-set business despite a scheming president named "Marxus" out to destroy them with hig...

Presidential Parenting: Which Commander-in-Chief is Like Your Head-of-Household?

Sasha and Malia Obama are the first preteens to live in the White House since Amy Carter, but they're just the latest in a long line of kids who have called 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. home. With the holidays around the corner, we took a look at White...

Obama Has Perfect Attendance at Parent-Teacher Conferences

The first family. Credit: AP
A lot of fathers would attend their children's parent-teacher conferences, but gosh darn it, things are just so busy at work these days. There are two girls who attend Sidwell FriendsSchool in Washington, D.C., whose ...

Diary of a Guest Co-Host of 'The View'

Last week I co-hosted The View and with Elisabeth Hasselbeck out on maternity leave, I was the lone resident conservative. I arrived a little frazzled because my hotel had failed to give me my wake-up call. As a result, I was 45 minutes late to t...


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