Giveaway: Hot Wheels and Barbie Bikes

Credit: Mattel From April 17-23, Toys R' Us is offering exclusive deals on ALL Barbie and Hot Wheels Bikes. Prices are down and temperatures are up, so now is the time to surprise your kid with a new set of wheels. And, so your li...So your little one can be the coolest cruiser on the sidewalk, we are giving away one Barbie Bike and one Hot Wheels Bike.

American Girl Doll Hit By Recession

What will happen to our favorite dolls? Credit: Corbis They've been called the anti-Bratz dolls, promoting a spirit of adventure and taste of history in their young owners. But now, the American Girl dolls may be teaching their good li...Will Kit get laid off, too?

DVD Review: 'Barbie: A Fairy Secret'
Rated IFFY for Ages 5 to 8
What Parents Need to Know Parents need to know that fashion and shopping are the main attractions in this Barbie story. Not only are the fashion items shown in the movie available for purchas...
Though it's targeted at younger kids, "Barbie: A Fairy Secret" is better suited to tweens and teens.

FBI Issues Warning About Video Barbie's Cleavage

A model poses with a Barbie Video Girl doll by Mattel. The FBI is concerned pedophiles could use the doll to lure kids. Credit: Timm Schamberger, AFP/Getty Images
Poor Barbie. If 12-inch plastic fashion dolls could talk, she'd probably say, ...
Barbie's breasts continue to heave with controversy.

Journalism Barbie Hits Stores - Watch Your Back, Katie Couric!

Reporting live ... it's Barbie! Credit: Stan Honda, AFP/Getty Images
She's glamorous and sparkly with her long blond hair, side-swept bangs, pale pink short skirt and Chanel-style fitted jacket. And those accessories! Black ankle-strap platform...
Meet Journalism Barbie! The latest career from Mattel's Barbie I Can Be... line that lets America's favorite doll try out new gigs.

Barbie Update: Black and White Dolls Now the Same Price

Can't we all just get along? White and black Barbie dolls are now the same price at a Louisiana Walmart. Credit: Michelle Chidoni, Mattel
Barbiegate ends here.
When Mattel found out a Louisiana Walmart was selling the dark-skinned Ballerina T...

Breaking Barbie News: 'Mad Men' Dolls and Discounted Black Barbie

Sorry, "Mad Men" Barbies will not come with cigarettes or martinis. Credit: Mattel, Inc.
On "Mad Men," Joan Holloway is used to being called "doll" -- now she really is one. Mattel has announced plans to make dolls based on four characters fro...

Barbie Out to Conquer the World Starting with ... Germany?

One of these people is German President Angela Merkel. The other is a Barbie doll made in her "image." Can you tell which is which? Credit: AFP / Getty Images
Barbie rules! At least she will if we're not careful. The plastic woman is no l...

Decked Out Barbies Raise Major Dough at Fashion Auction

Dazzling doll: Devi Kroell's Barbie. Credit: Devi Kroell
Some of the world's most prominent fashion designers got to play dress-up with dolls recently in the name of style and charity. And, when the dolls are Barbies, you can bet that play ...

The Votes Are In: Barbie Will Be a ... Computer Engineer!

Barbie thinks computers are cool. Especially when they're pink. Credit: Mattel
Barbie is trading her pom poms for laptop. After Barbie asked the world to help her choose her 125th career, the votes are in. She's now pursuing a career as a co...

What Will Barbie's New Career Be?

Barbie is about to get a new j-o-b. Credit: Mattel
If you thought all Barbie did was tool around Malibu in her pink Corvette and lament that "Math class is tough!," well, you've got this iconic blonde all wrong. In fact, Ms. Barbie turned 50 l...

New Barbie Basics Doll is All About the Accessories

Barbie Basics accessories let you customize your doll's look. Credit:
Is there a pint-size accessorizer in your household? Do your daughters play hair dresser and wardrobe stylist to their dolls? Do you constantly find yourself telling...

Boys Are Not Better at Math than Girls, Study Says

A new study confirms something many have believed to be true for some time: Boys are not better at math than girls. Psychology professor Nicole Else-Quest and other researchers at Villanova University examined data from the Trends in Internation...

Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken is a Real Doll

The new Ken doll is beyond fabulous. Credit: Mattel Inc.
Barbie and Ken have come a long way since they first came out. But is Ken ready to, um, come out in a different way?
The Internet is all abuzz with news of the Barbie Palm Beach S...

Barbie Dolls: A Brief History

Barbie, quite possibly the most iconic of all dolls, was introduced on March 9, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Ruth Handler, the Mattel co-founder, based the design for the first Barbie off a German doll, Bild Lilli, which r...


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