E-Z Bat

Baseball season is in full swing, and we have found a toy bat that definitely hits a home run. The E-Z Bat by Monkey Business Sports will have your young sluggers begging to play ball. Invented by a grandpa, the learning toy provides a great i...Are you ready for some baseball? Batter up!

Out In Left Field

Baseball season is here, and, like millions of parents nationwide, I have Little League anxiety this week. But unlike most parents, my angst comes with a gay twist. This is our fourth year of Little League -- and the fourth consecutive year Ann* i...It's hard not to stand out when you're the only girl on the baseball team -- and you have two moms.

Yankee Jorge Posada on Fatherhood and His Son's Health Condition

New York Yankee Jorge Posada started a foundation to help kids with the skull condition from which his son suffers. Credit: Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images One of the most popular players in Major League Baseball, Jorge Posada, catcher ...The Yankee star catcher says being a dad is his favorite part of life.

R-O-B-B-I-E Spells Relief: Little Leaguer Gets Shot in Big Game

It's a moment that Robbie Wilson won't soon forget. According to Buzzfeed, where we first saw this awesome clip, it was the bottom of the sixth inning, with two outs -- which is the final out in Little League -- when Robbie's Auburn, Wash...

Hall of Famer Dave Winfield Talks Baseball and Breast Cancer

Dave Winfield, left, stands with with his mother, Arline, and brother, Stephen. Photo courtesy of the Winfield family
Twenty-two years spent slugging home runs and earning Golden Gloves in the Major Leagues didn't slow Dave Winfield down. Vo...

Alternative Summer Sports Activities for the Entire Family

NASCAR star Matt Kenseth and his family enjoy a day at the race track. Credit: Getty Images
You've practically been living at the swimming pool, tennis courts and soccer fields this summer. If you love those games and other summer sports -- but y...

Disabled Children in Las Vegas Get a Field of Dreams

There's no grass on the field. Just rubber. Games are only two innings. Everyone bats. Everyone scores. No one is ever called out. The score is always tied. There is no crying in baseball. Not in this league anyway. Disabled children i...

Girl Pitcher Strikes Out the Boys, But How Far Can She Go in Baseball?

Marti Sementelli's baseball skills have drawn attention on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and in a Nike commercial. The high school pitcher hopes to be one of the rare female players to get a shot at college baseball. Gary Sementelli doesn't mince word...

Parents Get Phillies Fever, Name Babies After Baseball Champs

The Philadelphia Phillies aren't the only ones who got lucky yesterday as they advanced into the World Series for the second straight year -- fans of the 2008 World Series champs are having a mini baby boom and naming their newborns after the home te...

Kids Stop Killer With Baseball Bats

A would-be killer armed with a handgun is no match for a pair of eight-year-olds with baseball bats. Listen to this one: After his girlfriend broke up with him, Charles Arby Bradley of Gainesville, FL, tried to reconcile, but she wasn't having any...

Genetic Test Tells You What Sports Your Kid Should Play

It's basketball season at my house, which means lots of playing H-O-R-S-E in the driveway with my sons. I have one child who is a natural athlete, at least at the sports he has tried so far, and one who loves the social aspects of playing on a team b...

Duggars to get reality show

Move over "John & Kate Plus 8." You ain't got nothin' on the Duggar family. For those of you unfamiliar with the Duggars (as I was), they're a family of nineteen, seventeen of which are the children. And now, according to reports, they're being g...

Brad Pitt wants more children

We've often had the conversation here at ParentDish about how many children is enough. The answer? Well, it depends on the family. Desire, money, space, time and energy requirements all make their case in the debate, and it ultimately comes down to...

9-year-old too good for youth baseball league

Should he choose to, Jericho Scott could probably have a career as a professional baseball player. Only nine-years-old, the New Haven, Connecticut boy has a fastball pitch that has been clocked at 40 miles per hour. Unfortunately, it's that fastball ...

'Can baseball save your marriage?' and other shared activities

Do you like baseball? Any kind of sport? What about traveling or other activities? If you said yes to any of the above, do you enjoy doing so with your spouse? A new report from a set of studies, some of which have been going on for more than a deca...


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