How to Play: Four Square

Even big kids love a good game of four square. Credit: Corbis
What you need: Four players, a square court divided into four equal quadrants and an 8 1/2-inch playground ball or a basketball.
How to play: Each quadrant in the square...
Make sure you hit the ball into their square so that your opponant gets out.

NCAA Basketball: 10-Year-Old Boy Correctly Picks Final 4

If you've been following NCAA basketball, you probably know that this year's March Madness was particularly maddening, with a record-breaking number of top-seed upsets.
To put that in perspective, consider that out of the 5.9 million bracket...
Middle-schooler predicted major hoops upsets.

Muslim Girl Back on Basketball Court After Being Benched for Wearing Headscarf

A 12-year-old Muslim girl, benched and forced to miss the first half of her playoff basketball game because of the religious headscarf she wears, is back on the court in full hijab.
A CBS Baltimore TV station reports a referee pulled Maheen Haq,...
A referee benched a seventh grader from a basketball game because of her hijab.

Amazing Kid: Austin Gutwein

Amazing Kid Austin Gutwein has raised millions of dollars for charity, using his favorite sport to make a difference. Credit: Courtesy of Hoops of Hope Amazing Kid: Austin Gutwein Age: 16 Grade: 11th Home Town: Mesa, Ariz. School...He was inspired to action by the story of a little Zambian girl named Maggie who had lost both of her parents to AIDS.

National Study Finds 70 Percent Increase in Basketball-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries

Serious basketball-related injuries can be life-threatening. Credit: Getty Images
If your kid plays basketball, you're probably all too familiar with the sprains, strains, broken fingers and concussions that come with the territory -- and with ...
If your kid plays basketball, you're probably all too familiar with the sprains, strains, broken fingers and concussions that come with the territory -- and with the resultant trips to the emergency room. Study shows that the types of injuries young athletes are getting into are more serious than ever.

Father's Day Gift Idea: Fair Trade Soccer Balls

Kick it out of the stadium with this year's Father's Day gift. Credit: Fair Trade Sports
Goooaaalll! Is your dad wrapped up in World Cup fever? If he's like many of the dads we know, he's probably in a fútbol frenzy this week. Lucky f...

How to Play: Horse

Miss a shot, get an "H." Credit: ryan_fung, Flickr
What you need: At least two players, a basketball and a basketball hoop. How to play: The first player is allowed to shoot from anywhere on the court. If he or she makes that shot, all other p...

NBA Scouts Eye 10-Year-Old Hoops Prodigy

Basketball prodigy Jaylin Fleming, 10, is attracting attention not only from college coaches, but from the NBA. "As far as his age, he's the best that I've seen," Refiloe Lethunya, a former Division I player, coach and NBA scout, tells the C...

Basketball Team Cries Foul Over Player Disqualifications for State Tournament

Three of the best players on a Florida youth basketball team have been barred from playing in the league's state finals. Their disqualifications don't stem from on-court offenses, though. Instead, the players from the 12-and-under Boynton Hoops...

Basketball Player Suspended After She Throws Punch in Game

Women's college basketball star Brittney Griner has been suspended for two games for punching an opposing player. Griner, who plays for the Baylor University Bears, punched Jordan Barncastle after the Texas Tech player fouled her. Here's a video...

School Calls Foul, Suspends Students Over Farmer Flap

Apparently, agricultural workers all over the country should be offended: Nine Pennsylvania high school students were suspended after taunting the opposing team at a girls basketball game by dressing in farm clothes and sporting hats emblazoned wit...

Trying For a Record, High School Team Fouls Out

The Jack Yates Senior High School boys basketball team, known as the Jack Yates Lions, was trying to break a record for most consecutive 100-point games. On Jan. 20, with less than three minutes left, they had scored 84 points. To try and give t...

Grown-up Reporter Dunks on Little Lad and Makes Him Cry

You know the saying, "Pick on someone your own size?" Tell that to this reporter from Chicago's WGN-TV, who played a little b-ball with a child and proceeded to dunk on him, yell in his face and make him cry. He almost redeemed himself. After...

More Vasectomies During March Madness

Ladies, take note: If, come March of next year, your man is suddenly more willing to discuss having his manhood snipped than he was before, he may have an ulterior motive. March Madness. It seems that doctors see an increase in vasectomies duri...

Michael Jordan's Son Awarded Athletic Scholarship

The University of Illinois recently awarded an athletic scholarship to Jeff Jordan, son of the world-famous -- and incredibly wealthy -- basketball star Michael Jordan. The 6-foot-2-inch sophomore turned down two other scholarships to play as a walk-...


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