Genetic Test Tells You What Sports Your Kid Should Play

It's basketball season at my house, which means lots of playing H-O-R-S-E in the driveway with my sons. I have one child who is a natural athlete, at least at the sports he has tried so far, and one who loves the social aspects of playing on a team b...

Girl kicked off boys team for being too good?

12-year-old Jaime Nared is an excellent basketball player. Since second grade, she's been demonstrating her Michael Jordan-like skills on a boys team at The Hoop, a private basketball facility in Beaverton, Oregon. She's been known to score 30 points...

Man scams McDonald's posing as basketball coach

Police are looking for a man posing as a basketball coach who is scamming McDonald's restaurants in Pennsylvania out of money. The scam artist pulls up in a school bus and orders $50 worth of food. Then he provides a check for $150, doctored to appea...

Shaq files for divorce

Sad news today from Shaquille O'Neal and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Shaunie. The basketball star's lawyer filed a divorce petition, which cited, essentially, irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. (Although, it's worth noting that Shaq ...

LeBron James welcomes a son (despite getting his butt whooped in the NBA finals)

There are many reasons I love LeBron James. Firstly, because I'm from Cleveland, and our basketball teams have been awful ever since Michael Jordan ended our season with "the shot" in game 5 of the first round of the 1989 playoffs -- but now we're in...

Super Dad leads Utah Jazz to victory

I recognize this isn't normally the place for sporting news, but hear me out. The Utah Jazz beat the Golden State last night in dramatic fashion -- squeaking past the Warriors in overtime 127-117. Derek Fisher was the unlikely hero, scoring all of h...

Exercise and academic achievement linked to better grades

A study published in the current issue of Medicine Science in Sports Exercise found that children who participate in vigorous physical activity, such as sports, perform better in school. The investigation was conducted to determine the effect of phy...

Shaq O'Neal and Shaunie have basketball team plus one

A mere six minutes after Kobe Bryant's wife gave birth yesterday, Shaq O'Neal's wife Shaunie gave birth to their sixth child. They named their baby girl Me'arah Sanaa. She weighed 8lb 1oz, and she measured at 21 inches long. The media is gently teasi...


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