Bathtub Pads Recalled

Credit: Getty Images
Pads sold to keep children from falling in the bathtub may have the opposite effect. They're not sticking to the tub and could pose a hazard to children.
Bathtub Non-Slip Pads (made by Prime-Lime Products Inc.) ...
Manufacturer says they're not sticking, creating a hazard.

Bathtub Injuries - 43,000 Tots Treated Each Year

Toddlers get hurt falling down in the bathtub. Photo:
Babyproofers beware: Drowning isn't the only hazard to be aware of in the bathtub -- 43,000 kids a year are treated in emergency rooms after slipping or falling an a tub or shower. A...

Bathtub or baby blender?

A new style of infant bathtub from the Netherlands is generating a fair bit of buzz on the internet. The idea is to mimic the position the baby was in when inside the womb. It also provides better water coverage -- everything below the neck is underw...


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