New Lunch-Box Recipe Ideas

Dear Karla, As the school season is coming to an end soon, so are my ideas on lunches. I think my kids are officially sandwiched out as I was never given the 'creative bug' in the food department. Can you provide me with some lunch ideas I can pac...

Do Your Kids Need More Energy? Try Chickpeas

Packed with protein and cheap, chickpeas are a great addition to any family meal. Also known as garbanzo beans, Canadian chick peas are grown in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. This edible legume comes in two main forms: Desi and Kabuli. The...

How to Have Your Beans and Avoid Gas, Too!

Dear Karla, My family and I enjoy beans, but we all seem to end up uncomfortable and gassy after eating them. I am curious why certain beans lead to more gas than others. Also, is there any way that this gas can be avoided? I'd hate to cut beans out...

What You Need to Know About Chocolate

Ah, Valentine's Day. Love is in the air, and chocolate is on the shelves. Many of us dream of chocolate and feel drawn to its taste, its texture and how it makes us feel. There is almost something other-worldly about chocolate, isn't there? And not s...

What's that in your nose?

When he was younger, my nephew managed to shove a pea so far up his nostril that he ended up spending several hours in the emergency room while the doctors and nurses tried to get it out. Eventually, they did. Not long after, however, he did it again...

Use Babycenter readers' names for good

So, we loved the list of Babycenter names so much, we decided that we should give you all the opportunity to use these names for good. I mean, it's not really nice to put names like Beans or Ebenezer on a child's birth certificate. But as a nickname?...


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