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Botox for Girls? Mom Injects Daughter, 8, to Give Her Beauty Pageant Edge

Botox for adults? Sure. For teens? We're thinking no. For 8-year-olds? Do we really need to answer that one? But at least one woman has no problem with injecting girls with the anti-wrinkle formula. A mom named Kerry -- who asked to keep her ...
An 8-year-old with wrinkles? Mom says daughter was all for treatments.

'Toddlers & Tiaras' Mom Talks Dressing Her Child, 3, in Makeup and Cone Bras

Many little girls like to put on makeup, high heels and play dress-up inside their mommy's closets. But, on "Toddlers & Tiaras," the idea of kids getting glam is taken to a whole new level. When these pint-size beauty queens get dolled up...This mom featured on "Toddlers and Tiaras" says kid pageants instill confidence.

Here She Comes, America's Perfect Teen, From Wales

Can a Welsh girl be America's perfect teen? Credit: NBC
The not-so-secret life of America's perfect teen? She's a British schoolgirl from Wales. The crowning of 16-year-old Anysha Panesar, who was allowed to enter the America's Perfect Te...
The crowning of 16-year-old Anysha Panesar, who was allowed to enter the America's Perfect Teen beauty pageant as an international contestant, is causing waves on both sides of the pond.

Sweet 16 as Miss England Finalist

Yes, Chloe Marshall is sixteen years old, but that's not the sixteen that's getting her noticed. The teenager won the title of Miss Surrey and is now a finalist for this year's Miss England beauty contest. What has gotten her noticed more so than oth...

Miss America pageant moves to The Learning Channel

As a boy I learned a lot from the Miss America pageant -- notably, what a pretty lady looked like in a bikini. Watching the show later in life, now as the father of a daughter, I've learned about how ridiculous it is to have grown women to parading a...

New rules say Miss Spain can be a mom

I'm amazed at some of the archaic rules and regulations that are only just now being taken out of beauty pageants. Back in February, the Miss Spain beauty contest dethroned one of its winners, Angela Bustillo, after competition officials discovered ...


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