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3 Tips for Adopting a Better Bedtime Routine

Bedtime. It can be the best of times, and it can be the worst of times. Often, after a full day of activities together, it cannot come soon enough. But as many parents will tell you, the calming, quiet routines we share with our children as we settle...

Bedtimes Crucial to Kids' Well-Being

Consistent sleep patterns make kids healthier, says study. Credit: FranK!eCa!, Flickr
Set bedtimes do more for children than ensure a good night's rest -- they make kids healthier, a new study suggests. "Bedtimes are good for sleep, and sleep is ...

Bedtime routines - What's yours?

Kids across the nation should all finally be back-to-school, which means parents across the nation are trying to adjust to a sometimes radical new schedule. Sleep, especially when there isn't enough of it, is on everyone's minds. Most adults need a s...

Portrait of a working mom: The pick-up

As I may have mentioned before, my husband works a crazy, three-week shift rotation as an editor at a digital cable station. Out of every 21 days, he spends 7 nights in a row behind a desk, leaving me to single parent after I've worked a full day. (H...


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