Tonsils Connected to Bedwetting?

If you remove a kid's tonsils and adenoids, he is less likely to wet the bed. Credit: Getty Images
OK, this gets kind of technical, but researchers have found a direct connection between tonsils and wee-wee.
Not poo-poo, mind you....
Researchers say less tonsils equals less wee-wee.

Bedwetting More Common in Boys Than Girls, Study Shows

Boys are twice as likely to wet the bed. Credit: Getty Images
Bedwetting is one of those anxiety-producing, embarrassing situations most kids and parents just don't want to talk about.
But, if you've got a son in grade school, you...
New findings suggest boys are twice as likely to wet the bed.

Bedwetting Usually Stops Without Alarms, Medicine or Parents' Help

Don't fear bedtime. Credit: Getty Images Although experts recommend discussing bedwetting with your pediatrician, parents don't usually need to worry. Sooner or later, a child's brain and bladder will develop further and communicate at...Sooner or later, a child's brain and bladder will develop further and communicate at night better.

Caffeine Linked to Sleep Issues, but Most Kids Drink it Daily

Decrease the buzz, increase the Zzzs. Credit: Melanie Conner/Getty Images Baffled by your child's sleep issues? Try cutting the caffeine. A survey of the parents of more than 200 children between the ages of 5 and 12 showed that more...A new study found that the more caffeine kids drank, the less they slept.

Interview with A Potty Training Expert

Dr. Pete Stavinoha wrote the book on potty training -- literally. A pediatric psychologist in Dallas, Dr. Stavinoha is the co-author of Stress Free Potty Training: A Commonsense Guide to Finding the Right Approach for Your Child. The book, written in...

All crouped up

Last night I was awakened by a sound that strikes fear in the heart of parents. It wasn't the screams of a child being murdered in their bed, or the terrifying silence that accompanies an injury (like the classic battle: Gravity vs...

Helping your child have a dry night

I've always heard that although we can't wait until our child is toilet trained, those occasional wet nights can send us up the wall. What am I doing wrong, you may ask yourself. Because accidents happen, every young child will probably occasionally...

Bedwetting can be curbed through diet

I wish I had known about this a year ago! My son Christian was a late bedwetter. He hasn't had trouble with it for several months (knock wood!), but this information would perhaps have been useful. According to a pediatric urologist at Baylor All...


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