Crying as a Baby May Lead to Lifetime of Behavioral Problems

Watch Video Related to Calming Crying Babies!
Parents should help babies learn to soothe themselves. Credit: Getty Images Singing "hush little baby, don't you cry" isn't just a sweet way to soothe a cranky newborn. It's a skill you b...
Babies who wake and cry in the night may develop behavioral problems as they grow.

The Brat Pack: Kids Are Simply Angels in Disguise, Parents Think

Your perfect baby isn't so flawless. Credit: Jerome Tisne, Getty Images
Hey parents, next time you're at the mall shopping for "Santa's" gifts (like tomorrow) and your find your patience flaring up at a bunch of unruly kids (not yours of course),...
Your perfect baby? Not so perfect.

Good News for Working Mothers: Going Back to Work Doesn't Harm the Kids

It's OK to go back to work. Seriously. Credit: Getty Images
It's settled: Working mothers don't need to feel guilty about going back to work. A review of nearly 70 studies conducted over 50 years shows that children whose mothers went back to ...
Want or need to go back to work after baby arrives? A new report says that's just fine.

Heavier Twin May Have More Behavior Problems, Study Finds

Same appearance, different experiences. Credit: Getty Images
That chubby little baby may be cute and cuddly, but if she's a twin she's more likely to have behavioral problems later on, according to a new study. Twins who were at least 20 perce...

How Young Is Too Young For Beer, Cell Phones and Piercings?

What age is the right age to let kids have things like cell phones and see R-rated movies? Credit: Getty Images Have a beer with Mom or Dad? No way! How about an after-school part-time job? Sure, no problem! So says a new ABC News/Good Morning...

A Case for the Distractible Toddler: Psychologists Suggest Parents Should Wait to Teach Toddlers Self-Control

Researchers are posing new questions about toddler brain development. Credit: debaird, Flickr
Toddlers can be maddeningly distractible, but should we really be trying to teach them self-control? University of Pennsylvani...

New Study Says Swearing is Good

Do you curse in front of your kids? Photo:
CNN Medical Associate Producer Caitlin Hagan has a blog entry where she talks about a new study just published by Dr. Richard Stephens at Keele University in the United Kingdom. Apparently the ...

Is Generation X Raising Generation Rude?

They say kids today are ruder than ever. The question is ... why? Image: BurningQuestion on Flickr.
Gen-Xers are champions of attachment parenting; we're a sling-wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding bunch. Heck, we even invented things like unscho...

Summer Camp, Free Pampers, and Teacher Trouble - Links We Love

Diapers are expensive, which is why you should enter LilSugar's giveaway where you could win a full year's worth of Pampers. Pampers will also donate the cost of 50 tetanus vaccines to UNICEF. -- LilSugar Segregation in schools is on the rise, say...

Would You Bring Your Child to Work?

Many of us have participated in Take Your Child To Work Day (formerly known as Take Your Daughter To Work Day). But what if you could--or had to--bring your child to work with you everyday? For more and more parents these days, that seemingly bizarre...

Time-Out Rooms - Is There a Better Way?

Time-out rooms, also known as seclusion rooms, are used in special education programs around the country. Usually a means of last resort, they're closet-sized rooms with a lockable door and a window with unbreakable glass. The idea is, when a stud...

No is not a dirty word

It is so much easier to say "yes" -- or is it? Part of being a good parent is setting limits and doling out the discipline, but so often we find ourselves giving permission even when we shouldn't. At least, I do. With a high-energy (and whip-smart...

Naomi Campbell claims fallopian tube operation saved her life

Recently we at ParentDish reported to you that Naomi Campbell was ready to be a mom now that she's had some secretive corrective surgery to help her conceive. well, now all the walls are down and Campbell is being extremely open and detailed with ...

Modeling bad behavior

Kids learn by example, which is why most of us try to set a good one. We use our manners, clean up after ourselves, exhibit patience and always try to do the right thing - especially when little eyes are watching us. But sometimes, we get stressed ou...

Should children be banned from weddings?

When you think of the perfect wedding, does it include children? It does for me. When my cousin married recently, she involved every one of her nieces and nephews and made it clear that children were welcome. My girls sat quietly during the ceremony ...


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