Does the Dog Have Dibs on My Grandma's Name?

My grandmother's name was Annabelle, and I was very close to her and would love to pay tribute with my daughter's name. Recently, my friends got a puppy and named her Bella. When I mentioned it, people have asked why I would want the same name for ...

Top Pet Names Also Names for Babies

Would you name your dog after a person? In the not too distant past, I met someone whose children had the same names as my dogs. We have a dog named Max and we used to have a dog named Thomas (he passed away), which were the same name as the sons of ...

Does Twilight Send Teen Girls a Bad Message?

The seems to think it does. Twilight, for those of you who've been living under a rock, is the now-big screen movie event of the season based on Stephanie Meyers' novel of the same name. It concerns the romance between a teena...

Rescued pup rescues family right back

With the exception of our fancy French dog, all of our pets were either adopted from a shelter or found wandering homeless. Abandoned and abused animals need love too and often repay their rescuers with unconditional and unwavering loyalty. Clearly, ...

Nicole Kidman says no tattoos for her kids

According to super-actress and celebrity mom Nicole Kidman, her children have reached that rebellious stage and she felt she needed to "lay down some ground rules." Wow! Responsible parenting from a celebrity--how refreshing! In a world where cele...

Ali Landry has a baby girl

Former Miss USA and sexy Dorito-eater Ali Landry is a new mom. Last week, Landry and her husband Alejandro Gomez Monteverde welcomed their very first child to the world. Daughter Estela Monteverde weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and according to La...


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