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Betsey Johnson Talks Grandkids and 'Stayin' Alive' at Her Birthday Bash

Betsey Johnson recently designed an Eloise-themed suite at the Plaza in New York. Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III, Getty Images
As a woman who still does cartwheels down the catwalk, designer Betsey Johnson won't settle for a quiet birthday dinner...

Betsey Johnson Unveils 'Eloise' Suite at the Plaza

Betsey Johnson designed the marvelous new "Eloise" suite. Credit: The Plaza
The new Eloise suite at The Plaza in New York City? Oh, it's rawther fabulous. Designed by Betsey Johnson, the 18th floor suite features zebra-print carpet, pink-str...

Rompers look good on infants; women not so much

I've heard of using baby products for ourselves, and that seems like a relatively harmless idea. For example, I've been known to borrow my son's baby lotion on occasion. But what about baby fashion? Does it translate to adult-wear? According to the ...


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