Beyonce: 'I Always Said I Would Have a Baby at 30'

Nine months of weight gain, nausea, exhaustion and tiredness? Beyonce, can you handle this? The singer, 29, hits the big 3-0 in September, which has her fans speculating whether she's making plans for a baby with her hubby, Jay-Z. "I always ...But the singer tells talk show host "only God knows" if it'll happen.

Michelle Obama Kicks it Old School at Let's Move Flash Mob

You may never have thought you'd catch the first lady doing the Running Man, but Michelle Obama kicked it old school May 3, in a fitness flash mob as part of her Let's Move campaign. Dancing to Beyoncé's "Move Your Body" with the kids f...The first lady did the Running Man to Beyonce's "Move Your Body."

Is This 'Single Ladies' Video Too Hot for Tots?

Help us settle a debate at ParentDish: While we all agree the young girls in the video are fierce and fantastic dancers, we're torn when it comes to their costumes. Are their ensembles too sexy for their age or completely appropriate? The pi...

Cymphonique A.K.A Little Miss Swaggar

Her name is Cymphonique, but you can call her Little Miss Swaggar (if you've seen her music videos, filled with "swagger," you can tell where her nickname originates from). Not just another pretty face, 13-year-old Cymphonique sings, dances and acts ...

All the Single Babies: If You Like it, Then You Shoulda Put a Bib on it

Put your hands up for this little one, who's planning to give Beyonce some competition in about 20 years. On second thought, maybe Kanye West will have something to say about it and the baby will become president instead. ...

Beyoncé Appears On Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Beyoncé Knowles is having a big week. First she fights off a fake tape of her singing horribly off-key. Then her movie, "Obsessed", opens at number one despite the fact that critics seemed to hate it. Oh, and she has a mega-multi-super-uber...

Beyonc sexing up children's clothing

Back in 2004, singer Beyoncé and her mother Tina started their own fashion line, House of Deréon. The look, dubbed "where the sidewalk and catwalk meet", is designed to embody sexy sophistication for the modern woman. Finding some succe...

Beyonce pregnant?

Is Beyonce pregnant? Some sources think so. They claim that's why she and her man Jay-Z finally got hitched. Beyonce Knowles, who was spotted wearing a rock the size of her home state of Texas days after her nuptials to Jay-Z, is allegedly carrying...

Posh Spice 'Woman of the Year'?

Here is what I know about Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham: she used to be a Spice Girl, she's married to a really hunky soccer star, she's very, very thin, has a funky haircut and two kids. As far as I know, she doesn't actually do anything other th...

Beyonc beggin' for bootylicious babies!

Oh, Beyoncé. I'll admit it. Your body is too bootylicious for me. Thankfully, however, it appears Jay-Z can handle it. Rumor has it that Beyoncé is looking to multiply with Jay-Z, and soon. I'm pumped! That is one couple that is going ...

Beyonce's dad makes rap for kids

Turns out that singer Beyonce Knowles comes from one talented family. Sure, we all know about Beyonce and even her sister, Solange. Their mother, Tina, has quite made a career for herself in clothing design. Now the family's patriarch, Matthew Knowle...


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