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Really, Really Big Baby Weighs in at 16 Pounds

There are big babies. And then there are really big babies. And then there's JaMichael Brown. Born July 8 at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, Texas, the boy weighed a whopping 16 pounds, one ounce at birth, "Today" reports. Setting a hos...Texas baby weighed more than twice that of the average newborn.

Two-Year-Old Tot Tips Scales at 90 Pounds

Pang Ya weighs as much as an adult woman. Credit: Quirky China News / Rex USA
A toddler in China weighs almost 100 pounds. You have to see the photo to believe it. Two-year-old Pang Ya, who lives in China's Shanxi province, was born weighin...

California Mom Delivers 14-Pound Baby

The last thing you want to hear someone say while they're delivering your baby, staring down at your exposed uterus is, "Oh my God!" But that's exactly what a nurse said when Richard Sault, Jr. arrived in the world. The reason for her exclamation?...

Colombia - Home of the jumbo size kid

(Click the photo to see the World's Largest (and Smallest) People) Move over, Texas -- they do things big in Colombia too. Real big. Like, an eleven-month-old Colombian boy that's already the size of an eight-year-old at sixty-one pounds. He star...

14.5 lb baby born 10 days early

Evan James Dougherty is already a big kid. His doctors knew he'd be larger than normal -- maybe around 11 lbs or so -- but no one thought he'd be 14.5 lbs and 23 1/2 in long when he was was born via C-section Friday morning. Even more alarming, is th...

Big baby a surprise

A woman in Scotland recently gave birth (via Cesarean, which fills me with great relief) to a 12 pound 13 ounce baby.   The Mom's bump was reportedly very large prior to the birth, but there was no indication that the baby would be quite th...


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