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Bicycle Safety Starts With Mom and Dad

Helmets are a must. Credit: Corbis
From training wheels to 10-speeds, make sure your kids know the rules of the road when it comes to bicycle safety. Here's some advice every family should heed before hitting the streets. When to start: ...

Can't Ride a Bike at 8 - How Bad?

"Hi Sabrina," the email began. (Hi! Thanks for writing!) "My 8 year old son has not learned how to ride a bike yet. Is this really bad? I feel guilty that at this age he doesn't know how to ride." Low bike-skills guilt -- I get it. As moms we a...

How do you teach a kid to ride a bike?

Ellie will be seven years old this year and we have made absolutely no progress in teaching her to ride a bike. The kid can scooter like nobody's business, but the idea of bicycling without training wheels terrifies her. As a kid, I loved my bike. It...

The best role model for your child: You

Melissa Tennen, a writer for HealthAtoZ online, suggests that you can become the best role model for your child. She offered the following suggestions on becoming a positive influence on your children: Think about your own habits and make decisions o...

When the Asperger's kid doesn't want to ride a bike...

I admit that I am very very lucky. My nine-year-old son Christian has Asperger's syndrome, but he is very very high functioning, so really it's not like having a high-needs child at all. It's like having a very funny middle-aged man living with us, i...


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