Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie: Papa and the Small Bikini

When did I become such a prude? This was the question when Diva and I opened the box of summer clothes sent by a relative -- and I saw the teenie weenie bikini. A napkin's worth of hot pink and orange fabric, its arrival sent my 6-year-old into parox...Too many bikinis don't just say "big girl" -- they say "adult woman."

Grocery says no to baby's bum cake

Like any good mom, Gail Jordan wanted to do something special for her son's 21st birthday. Her idea was to put a picture of her son, David, on a birthday cake. The kicker? David, who was five months old in the picture, was not wearing a diaper, so ...

It's summertime and the swimsuits are skimpy

At what age would you consider it appropriate for a young girl to wear a skimpy bathing suit? Before you answer that, let's define skimpy. For me, that would be anything with high-cut legs, low-cut waist and/or tiny triangles covering the upper body....

Wholesomewear - covering up to the extreme

When Ellie and I were shopping for bathing suits earlier this summer, I was amazed at what the department stores had to offer. High-cut ad low-cut one piece suits and skimpy bikinis were the norm and I found most of them to be way too revealing for a...

Is this Armani ad too sexy?

I'm one of those adults that grumble about little girl clothes being "too sexy." Maybe I'm just a prude, which very well may be the case, but I can't help but look at some of the clothes marketed at children and the ads that appear out there and thin...


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