Boy's Invention is for the Birds

Do you have one of those large windows that birds often confuse for open air and inadvertently fly right into? I don't now, but I used to. And I know that loud thwump that occurs when a bird makes full-speed contact with a pane of glass is sickening....

Choking toddler saved by babysitter's parrot

When two-year-old Hannah started choking on her snack, no one was around to help. No one human, anyway. Hannah's babysitter was in the bathroom, completely unaware, but someone did see that Hannah needed help - the babysitter's pet parrot. The bir...

The mothering instinct

There was a time not so long ago when I would've taken in pretty much any animal in need of a home that I came across. I ended up with a cat that way. I almost ended up with another dog that way, and almost ended up with another cat that way. Liv...


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