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Books Can Help in Talking to Kids About Sex

Are you ready for "the talk"? Credit: Amazon
When it comes to raising children, sometimes you just want to be told the right thing to say or do.
Debra Haffner, a former president of the Sexuality Information and Educati...
You might not be able to find the right words to talk to your kids about sex, but these books can help.

Oprah Sexpert - Buy Your Teen Daughter Her First Vibrator

As a general rule, I think, many of today's moms are far more open about sex than our mothers and grandmothers were. Our kids know the actual names of their body parts (and aren't afraid to share them with the cashier at the grocery store). We don't ...

Kinda Sutra - What's Your Version of "The Talk?"

When it comes to sex ed, we're using the honest-but-age-appropriate method of answering our kids' questions. The idea is that our kids will have had several versions of "the talk" by the time they reach puberty, with the hope that they'll be armed wi...

The birds and the bees: Having the talk more than once

At my wedding, my slightly-younger cousin shared a funny story from our childhood. We'd get together nearly every weekend to play house, only rather than have one of us be the mom and the other the dad, we were both moms and veterinarians. (I like to...

Teaching the facts of life

A few days ago, When my friend Jenn told me she was pregnant with her third child, I was really excited and couldn't wait to tell Ellie. Jenn's oldest daughter and Ellie play together almost daily and I knew that she would be excited as well. Before ...

Talking about sex with your kids... a little more help

Karen Walrond wrote last month about how to talk about sex with your kids. Thank you to our reader, Ethel, for providing another resource. Birds and Bees and Kids is a business run by Amy Lang who conducts workshops with parents to help them feel com...

Talking about sex with your kids... a little help

Who hasn't dreaded The Conversation with the kids? I have already had it with all three of mine, and it went okay. I just took a deep breath and clinically explained the basics-- because they asked. But that is not to say that I would feel comfortabl...


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