Amazing Kid: Olivia Bouler

Olivia Bouler sits at her desk drawing birds to raise money for the Gulf of Mexico. Credit: Nadine Bouler
Amazing Kid: Olivia Bouler Age: 11 Grade: 6th Home Town: Islip, N.Y. School: Islip Middle School, Islip, N.Y. Favo...
Olivia Bouler, 11, turned her artistic talents into badly needed money to help care for the birds of the area after the Gulf oil spill disaster.

Parent vs. Parent: Pets -- No way!

When I was growing up, we generally had at least one dog. My mother, early on, bred, trained, and showed dachshunds. Later, we had a lovely little schipperke and some amazingly dumb borzois. After my mom passed away (who was extremely allergic), we h...


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