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Fetus Has More Than 260 Facebook Friends

Using paper announcements and photo albums to document a birth are so 2010. To spread the word of their pregnancy, Ellie and Matt Greene started a Facebook profile for their unborn baby, Marriah. The Texas couple sent friend requests and the ...The parents write the Facebook entries from the point of view of their fetus.

Celebrate Baby's Arrival with Creative Birth Announcements

When designing birth announcements, new parents might consider using creative added elements, such as a band that wraps around a photo. Credit: Alee & Press
Looking for a creative way to introduce your new baby to friends and family? While an...

You Have an Announcement to Make

Hey, baby. Credit: Cocodot
More and more, birth announcements are going the way of phone books. Meaning, due to the internet, you don't really need them. Within five minutes of being born, new babies are introduced to friends and relatives al...

Tony Hawk has a daughter

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk finally got the girl. The baby girl, that is. On Monday, Hawk (is that not the perfect name for a skateboarder?) and his wife Lhotse welcomed their first child together, a daughter they named Kadence Clover. Pretty...

CNN's Kiran Chetry gives birth

The CNN baby boom continues with the birth of American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry's son. Chetry and her husband Chris Knowles welcomed their second child, Christopher, yesterday. He weighed in at seven pounds even and joins big sister Maya Rose, ...

Paul McCartney is a grandpa again

The cute Beatle is a grandpa again! Paul McCartney's 36-year-old daughter Stella has given birth to her third child, a boy named Beckett Robert Lee. Beckett was born earlier this week in London and joins siblings Miller Alasdhair James, who is almost...

A newborn bag of rice

In Japan, it is customary to send a bag of rice to relatives when thanking them for a baby gift. These bags sometimes have a photo of the new arrival printed on them and are filled with uncooked rice, which the recipient is supposed to eat. But in...

CNN's Campbell Brown has a baby boy

CNN anchor Campbell Brown and her husband Dan Senor were blessed with their first child on Tuesday. They've named him Eli James Senor, in memory of his grandfather. Eli already seems like one precise little guy: he was born at exactly 10 am and weigh...

Jill Hennessy gives birth

Actress Jill Hennessy finally came up with a baby name that goes with Mastropietro - and just in time. She and her husband Paolo welcomed son Gianni Mastropietro on November 21 in New York City. This is the second child for the couple, who also have ...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a baby boy

It's a boy for The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She and her husband, NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, welcomed a 7 pound, 15 ounce baby boy on Friday in an Arizona hospital. This is the second child for the couple, who also have a two year old daughte...

Nancy Grace gives birth to twins

Former prosecutor and current CNN anchor Nancy Grace has given birth to twins. Lucy Elizabeth and John David's arrival came a bit earlier than planned after Grace developed a pulmonary edema during her pregnancy. "Her physician determined it would b...

How not to break the news

No matter how funny it might seem to you, do not tell an elderly friend with a bad heart that you "got a girl pregnant," even if that girl is your wife. She will not find it amusing. Nor will her nurse. Neither, for that matter, will the paramedics. ...


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