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Adult Adoptees Legislation Would Give Access to Original Birth Records

Proposed legislation in New Jersey could give adult adoptees direct access to their original birth certificates. Credit: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services If you're an adoptive parent, you probably grapple with questi...Adult adoptees would have access to their original birth records.

Birth Records

Public birth records, including birth certificates, are required to be filed by the government in every state of the United States. It is your right to access these records. There are many public databases of public records that, for a small fee, wil...

Newborn named Sarah McCain Palin

(Click the photo for the Top 12 Weirdest Baby Names) How do you show support for your presidential candidate? Signs in your yard? Bumper stickers on your car? Maybe you just show up and vote on the first Tuesday in November? Whatever you do, I'll...

Birth certificates going digital

I remember one time my Mom needed to get a copy of her birth certificate. The process was long and frustrating. Hopefully, in the future, the process will be shorter and a whole lot less time-consuming. Many vital statistics offices around the countr...

New trends in naming, thanks to neighbors and alma mater

I've been impressed before with my hip preschool, where the duplicate names seem to be a leading indicator of future hot baby monikers. I've got a couple of new predictions for you: Lola for girls, and Diego for boys. I've met a whopping three Lolas ...


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