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Condoms for Tweens: Philly Health Department Passing Out Protection to 11-Year-Olds

Free condoms in middle schools are a rising trend. Credit: Getty Images Your daughter is turning 11 and wants to host a sleepover. If you want to make the celebration really special, spice things up by allowing her to invite some ...Children in Philadelphia sexually active at shockingly young ages and in shockingly strange ways.

Barbara Harris on Adopting Drug-Addicted Babies and Why She Started Project Prevention

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Barbara and Smitty Harris are surrounded by their adopted children. Courtesy of Barbara Harris
Twenty-one years ago, when Destiny Harris was born, she tested positive for crack, PCP and heroin.
After adopting four children from the same drug-addicted mother, this mom took action.

It's Possible to Get Pregnant Soon After Birth, Study Shows

If you just had a baby and aren't ready for the next one just yet, best use birth control. Credit: Getty Images Remember when, shortly after giving birth, your baby doctor marched into the room with a checklist of dos and don'ts to fol...Study says it's best to consider contraception as soon as three weeks after giving birth.

Teen Sex Ed Taught Mostly by Schools, Families, Study Shows

Girls are more likely than boys to be exposed to information about hormonal birth control. Source: Getty
Ask most parents, and they'll agree it's crucial kids receive accurate, trusted information about sexual issues.
But while you ...
Schools and family are the most common and trusted sources when it comes to sex ed.

Should Health Insurers Be Required to Offer Free Contraceptives?

It's unclear whether the health care bill includes free contraceptives. Credit: Getty Images The health care bill is a hot topic these days, and a story in The New York Times today says that the bill requires health insurers to cover "...When it comes to the health care bill, the question is whether or not "preventive health services" includes contraceptives and other family planning services for women.

Should the Birth Control Pill Be Free?

Are birth control pills preventative medicine? Credit: Getty Images
Under the new health care laws, birth control pills could be free for college students. The question is whether or not the pill is considered "preventative medicine." Newsweek re...
Under the new health care laws, birth control pills could be free for college students. The question is whether or not the pill is considered "preventative medicine."

Teen Girls More Likely to Have Unprotected Sex Their First Time

More girls are engaging in risky sexual behaviors. Credit: Getty Images The stereotype of randy teen boys with sex on the brain may lead you to believe guys engage in more risky sexual behavior than their female counterparts. But, it's...But the risky sexual behavior is not because girls just wanna have fun. They want love, which outweighs what they may have learned in sex education classes or from parental lectures.

Condoms Instead of Candy Corn Causes Parents to Snicker and Snarl

No, those aren't water balloons. Credit: Getty Images
"Nestlé's Crunch or a condom?" It's hardly a question parents expect their kids to be asked when they knock on doors while trick-or-treating. So, when Halloween revelers in Oregon go...
Trick or treat for condoms!

Contraception Could Be Free Under Health Care Law

The new health care law could cover birth control. Credit: Mike Derer, AP
WASHINGTON (AP) - Fifty years after the pill, another birth control revolution may be on the horizon: free contraception for women in the U.S., thanks to the new health car...
A panel of experts advising the government meets in November to begin considering what kind of preventive care for women should be covered at no cost to the patient, as required under President Barack Obama's overhaul.

Teen Sex Ed Covers the Birds and the Bees, Minus the Birth Control

About one third of teens aren't learning about contraception in schools. Credit: Getty Images
Here's the good news on the controversial teen sex front: It turns out nearly all U.S. teens are getting the lowdown about sex at school. Now, the bad n...
Here's the good news on the controversial teen sex front: It turns out nearly all U.S. teens are getting the lowdown about sex at school. Now, the bad news: These conversations about sex and sexuality often skip contraceptives.

More Teens Using Rhythm Method for Birth Control

The rhythm method? Not so effective. Credit: Klaus Mellenthin, Getty Images
ATLANTA (AP) - A growing number of teen girls say they use the rhythm method for birth control, and more teens also think it's OK for an unmarried female to have a baby, ...

Birth Control is Safer Than Ever (and Sometimes it's Even Good for You)

The Pill can do more than just prevent pregnancy. Credit: Getty Images
Times have changed since women going on birth control risked the pelvic infections of the Dalkon Shield or hormones dosed perilously high. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) have...

Do Extra-Small Rubbers for 12-Year-Olds Make Condom Sense?

Talk about your teenie weenies: A Swedish company is selling condoms designed to fit 12-year-old boys. Standard condoms are two inches in diameter. This new condom, called the Hotshot, comes in a wee bit smaller, at 1.7 inches. Swiss condom m...

Tricking Hubby Into Fatherhood

How far would you go to have another baby? Image:
When a couple marries, it is generally understood that there will be no secrets between them. Well, there may be a few secrets, but certainly nothing major and life-changing, right? Wrong. ...

Bristol Palin Backtracks on Abstinence Views

Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah and mother of Tripp, recently made headlines after voicing her opinion about abstinence. A teen mother herself, Bristol told Greta Van Susteren back in February that "everyone should be abstinent, but it's just not re...


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