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Fabulous Birthday Cakes

For your next party, think outside the cake box. Credit: Amy's Creative Cakes
Any kid will tell you: The best part of the birthday party is the cake. Okay, maybe it's the gifts, but cake is a very close second. So why not go all out for your n...

Great Birthday Parties for Next to Nothing

When it comes to birthday parties, moms are finding that a little creativity goes a long way toward cutting costs and making great memories for their children. Take Anne Beller, a Dallas mother of four, for example. She actually turned a profit on h...

Children's Birthday Parties - Extravagant or Fabulous?

Many of us are trimming our budgets, even when it comes to our kids' birthdays. Sigh. But not everyone. In certain circles of the super-rich and well-to-do, they're still "Puttin' on the Ritz" when it comes to their little darlings' parties. Curio...

Babycakes a no-go in England

You know how shops are now putting your photographs on birthday cakes? You bring in a photo and they scan it and use, basically, an inkjet printer to print it out only, instead of ink, they use food coloring and, instead of paper, a thin sheet of sug...

Kiwis say no to cake

Oteha Valley Primary School in New Zealand is the latest to jump on the banning-birthday-cakes bandwagon. There are a lot of reasons why this makes sense -- it interrupts learning, gets kids wired, and and puts pressure on families to bring treats wh...

Celebrating birthdays at school

Ellie's 7th birthday falls on a school day this year. In the past, she attended a small private school where bringing treats to share with the class was not only allowed, it was expected. But now that she is public school, the rules have changed and ...

A very bad day for Mom

I don't really understand why people get so upset when a funny home video is a "fake". Comedy movies are "fake", every scene is made up and orchestrated and somebody planned for to put Borat in that atrocious swimsuit for laughs, but it was still fun...


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