birthday party games 

How to Play: Cakewalk

Cakewalks are popular at fundraisers. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A path of up to 20 numbered squares, music to play during the game and prizes (typically a cake, but other treats or items can also serve as the prize).
How t...
This game of chance has a sweet prize!

How to Play: Musical Chairs

Last one sitting wins! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A group of children, a bunch of chairs (one fewer than the number of children playing) and music.
How to play: The chairs are arranged in a circle, facing outwards, with the...
Don't get caught standing when the music stops.

Great Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Choose a classic theme for your child's birthday party. Credit: Getty Images
While certain trends in kids' birthday party ideas come and go, there are some themes that never grow old.
Whether you enjoy being creative with decoration...
Celebrate your child's birthday with these classic party themes!

How to Play: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the tail, or the horn, or the ... Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A poster of a donkey with a missing tail, paper tails, thumbtacks and a blindfold. How to play: As each child takes a turn, he or she is given a paper tail with the thu...

How to Play: Hot Potato

Pass the "hot potato" to play this classic game. Credit: jupiterimages
What you need: A group of children and an item (such as a ball, book or toy) to serve as the "hot potato." You also need some sort of stereo system for playing music. How t...

How to Play: Celebrity

Guess the famous person in this charades-like game. Credit: David McNew, Getty Images
What you need: At least six players, slips of paper, pens or pencils and a hat or box.
How to play: Before the game begins, each player receives several sli...

10 Tips for Throwing a Birthday Theme Party

Birthdays. The kids keep having them. And from the age of five, we've allowed each to celebrate by inviting friends to a birthday party in our home. At these parties, we aim for homemade, low-key fun. But even low-key fun requires advance preparation...

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way for kids to have fun at a birthday party or playgroup. When planning your treasure hunt you will need to consider where to hide your treasure and, more importantly, what treasure your children will enjoying hunting for....


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