Parent vs Parent: no more piercings for us

When my daughter was about five she began asking to get her ears pierced. Although none of her peers at her Waldorf school had ear decorations, she loved to rummage through my collection of earrings and pretend that she had some in her own ears. For ...

Birthday parties have changed since I was a kid!

In the past two weeks, my daughter has been to two different birthday parties. Both times, I realized that birthday parties have changed a lot since I was a young girl. It might be because my younger years were spent in a smallish (16,000 people) tow...

Yoga parties for kids

Looking for a new theme for your child's next birthday? One that the other parents haven't yet done? Try a yoga party. Yes, that's right. Yoga Sutra of NYC offers yoga packages that ensure a healthy and relaxing birthday party for both kids and paren...

Want to be the cool parent? Hire a celebrity!

If I've learned anything from watching "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV, it is that for some kids, the party isn't complete without an appearance by an "it" band. What would little Buffy think if K-Fed (that's Kevin Federline, also known as Mr. Britney) sh...

Party favor rudeness

From the Tipline, Terri's wondering if it's bad form to return a party favor you don't want to the party host. At her son's birthday party, a mother came up to Terri explaining how her daughter doesn't play with cars or eat candy so she should just k...


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