An unusual sequence of children

A UK woman stands to gain a significant wad of cash if she has her baby today. Wendy Legister has three other children, whom she gave birth to on December 26,27 and 28. She's now convinced in the power of the sequence, and has placed a bet on the bel...

Mom gives birth on her birthday - twice

Sometimes coincidences are just coincidences and sometimes they are evidence of some universal, deeply ingrained Grand Master Plan. Or, perhaps they are neither. But I like hearing about them. I don't know what you'd call this: a Mom of two boys gave...

Advent calendars: chocolate or traditional?

Some of my fondest holiday memories involve the advent calendars that my mother would hang on the refrigerator door every year on December 1st. They were usually large and covered with glittery angels and mangers. But by far the best part was the sma...

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?

As a child, I loved my mother's birthday, December 6, with a passion. I have to admit that it wasn't so much the celebration of her birthday that I loved, but the fact that we always celebrated St. Nicholas' Day at the same time. This meant that on t...

Alternative celebrations for kids with health issues

Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of my youngest son's heart surgery. He was born with a congenital heart defect called a coarctation of the aorta. This meant that the lower half of his body received little blood flow or nourishment and the upp...

Do your kids return to school in the heat of August?

While some of us are starting to think/hope that our kids will return to school, others are actively preparing by buying school clothes and lunch boxes, and yet others are already sending their kids on the school buses and enjoying that first cup of ...

Blogging Baby Sleepover: Tuesday April 25

Welcome back to Blogging Baby Sleepover, The International Edition! Yes, that's right folks! It's that time again! So, where in the world are we going tonight? We are going to France, India, and the Czech Republic to visit three moms from around the ...


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