Lights, Cameras ... But No Videos in the Delivery Room

Some hospitals are banning photos and videos in the delivery room. Credit: Getty New parents who think their infant has the cutest little baby face -- and are eager to post in on YouTube for the world to see seconds after delivery -- m...Can't wait to videotape baby's birth? Hold on to that camera. You may not be allowed.

Do Infertitlity Treatments Increase the Risk of Birth Defects?

According to a study released Monday, the answer is a firm yes. In the first study done to date on the link between infertility treatments and birth defects, it was found that children resulting from such treatments were two to four times more likel...

Twins born minutes apart to be separated by an entire school year

Being a twin always seemed really great to me. In a romantic notion, I pictured having a twin meant being able to share pretty much everything together. So it would seem to most people. For Lexus and Amber Conway, however, twins born one on each sid...

One of these quadruplets is not like the others

Remember that game they played on Sesame Street where they had four things and you had to spot the one that was different? Well, one family in Maryland gets to play that with their kids now. On January 29th, Amanda and Joshua Prelich became the proud...

Sara Gilbert has a girl

I can't say as I ever liked Roseanne Barr -- she's brash, rude, crude, and isn't really a very good actress. Rachel, however, likes watching re-runs of her television show -- mostly, I think, because she thinks John Goodman is hot. In any case, that'...

Backstreet Boy's boy

Remember the Backstreet Boys? Okay, me neither. I mean, I remember they exist, but if you asked me to pick them out from a line-up, amongst other faceless groups like the New Kids on the Block, Menudo, and so on, I couldn't even begin to guess. Some ...

Italy would like its baby bonus back please

Italy decided to follow the example of countries like Poland and Australia and offer a bonus for having a baby and keeping the country's population steady. However, when the government sent out 600,000 letters announcing a 1,000-euro bonus to newborn...


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