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Tips for a Future Stepdad Who Doesn't Know a Lot About Girls Yet

Watch This Video and Take Some Tips On Co-Parenting From AdviceMama
Illustration by Dori Hartley When it comes to love, I've always believed if it's right, it's right, and that I'd know it. But a good checklist never hurts, either....
Before entering our castle, this prince best take our advice.

Split families and the holidays

With whom do you spend your holidays? Do you rotate them between your and your spouse's families? Do you hot one set for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas/Hanukkah? What about when divorce is involved? With our families, the holidays become a lit...

Blended families and the age-old question

There is a great article on New York Magazine's website (and in print) about blended families. More precisely, the article introduces us to several of these families and how they deal with that annoying--no, offensive--question of whether the paren...


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