SmackDown: Should Teachers Be Allowed to Blog About Their Students?

Act up in class, read about it in tomorrow's teacher blog. Illustration by Dori Hartley
Blogging About Your Students Is Not a Fireable Offense by Amy Hatch After venting about her students online, a teache...
A teacher is under fire for blogging about her students.

Blogger Fakes Baby's Death

Blogger Rebecca Beushausen lied about her terminally ill baby. Source: David Pierini, Chicago Tribune / MCT.
Imagine finding out that the baby you are carrying is terminally ill. Now imagine choosing to carry that baby to term, knowing she will n...

Kate Moss bribes her daughter to eat her vegetables

Kate Moss seems to have a few tricks up her designer sleeve when it comes to getting her daughter to eat her vegetables. The supermodel tells Glenn O'Brien in September's Interview magazine that she bribes her child into eating the less desirable foo...

Are the MPAA's screwed up?

Been to the movies lately? My guess is that, if you did, the film was either animated and/or part of the Disney franchise, one that was full of violence and/or gore, or one that was full of sex. That's basically because most movies out there, at le...

Blogging Baby Sleepover: Thursday, December 5

Oh MY.  The children of cyberspace ARE acting up, aren't they?  It's true!  I mean, as you take a gander around the world wide web this evening, we find Mr. Nice Guy jumping on the bumper sticker bandwagon, and describing his daughter ...


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