Links We Love: TGIF Edition

Demi Moore loves to tweet. Credit: Jesse Grant, Wireimage
It's been a long week around these parts, and we're looking forward to a chance to put our feet up and hang out with our pals in the blogosphere. Lots of great stuff out there to re...

Links We Love: Moms Rock! Edition

Mom deserves a makeover. Go to to see the amazing results. Credit: Kristin Burns
We can't get enough of Mom, and lucky for us the blogosphere is just chock full o' love for mothers as we close in on her special day. Check out our ...

Minnie Driver pregnant?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to the world wide web, yet another celebrity is pregnant. This time it's good time gal Minnie Driver. Well, she seems like she'd be fun to me. The media, per se, hasn't mentioned anything about Minnie having a ...

At-home dad's convention

I regularly read four or five dad blogs. They're not as prevalent in the blogosphere as "mom blogs" - but there is some serious quality writing out there - as evidenced by the personal blogs of several of our very own writers. I am intrigued by Dad ...

Blogging Baby sleepover for Friday August 18

In days of war and pedophiles and terrorism and neverending wars - sometimes we need a little flakiness. That's how I justify my occasional unhealthy interest in Britney's marital state or Brad Pitt's bicycle ride, anyway. So tonight's Blogging Baby ...

Miriam Peskowitz, now with baby no. 2! Congratulations

While you were Christmas shopping or preparing for your Winter Solstice celebration, Miriam Peskowitz was giving birth. She and her family welcomed their second child, Amelia Jane, on December 16. She was eight pounds, 15 ounces. Miriam reports that ...


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