Lack of Shut-Eye Leads to Supersized Kids, Study Says

Watching your child's weight? Make sure she's getting enough shut-eye. Credit: Getty Point the finger all you want at Ronald McDonald, but french fries and fast-food chains aren't the only things responsible for supersizing the nation'...Add lack of sleep to the list of contributors to childhood obesity.

Does Your Child Have a Healthy BMI? Calculate it Here

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a figure used by doctors and health practitioners to determine the general health status of an individual. The figure assumes that an individual with a higher BMI will have a higher percentage of body fat. This implies th...

Maternity Wards Make Way for Obese Mothers

According to a recent survey of hospitals in the UK, obesity among pregnant women has become more than a health issue for these moms and their unborn children. It has also become a logistical problem in that some women get so large that they cannot f...

New York schools will monitor students' weight

(Click the photo for 5 Must-Know Kids Health Facts) New York Schools will soon be tracking more than reading, writing, and arithmetic, they'll also be watching students' waistlines. Starting this fall, New York Schools (excluding New York City) w...

Georgia to track students' BMI

A new law in Georgia requires schools to measure and track students' body-mass index in order to help combat widespread problems with obesity; more than one third of the students in the state are considered overweight. They're not the first; several ...

How much weight should a pregnant woman gain?

For some of us, becoming pregnant is like being handed a license to eat whatever we want, whenever we want. I personally only gained about 25 pounds when I was pregnant, but I gained it all within the first three months. After that initial free-for-a...

Dieting between pregnancies bad for baby

Being pregnant means gaining weight - that is just the way it works. I know that when I was pregnant, I took the opportunity to indulge in whatever I craved. I gave birth twenty-five years ago and still remember the food I ate during my pregnancy. My...

Using BMI as risk factor

Most mothers wonder at some time or another if their baby is too fat. Your baby may seem heavy, but he also seems muscular and solid. Is he developing a risk factor for later heart disease? The answer is probably no. Although obesity is clearly a ris...


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