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Vote to change the Monopoly board

Well we've talked about Monopoly before, but a-hem, our blogger didn't exactly like the game. But now you can change the board. Monopoly was introduced in 1935 and now, in 2006 is getting 'modern'. The board will be updated with the names of landmar...

The trouble with Trouble

Friday night we needed to spend some family time so we decided to play a few games together, Madison chose Trouble. We played Trouble from 7:30 Friday night until 4 o'clock this morning. We played so long when the game finally ended Madison, my seve...

Monopoly haters, unite! Board game teaches bad capitalism, says authors

In researching my previous article about The Game of Life, I came across this fascinating dissection of Monopoly from Benjamin Powell and David Skarbek, two writers for The Mises Institute. Ludwig von Mises was from what became known as The Austrian ...

The Game of Life teaches our kids...marriage equality?

While participating in a play this year, Neve developed a Taste for The Game of Life, which I'm sure nearly everyone in our audience has played at some point. We decided to get her a copy%uFFFD for Christmas so that she could play to her heart's con...

Christmas Retrospective: Which toys were hits in the Allen/Voynar Household

We here at Blogging Baby gave you guys a lot of ideas about what hot items you might want to place under your Christmas tree this year for your kids. But the $64,000 question is, what did your kids actually play with once all the wrapping paper had b...


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