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Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games

Count Your Chickens teaches cooperation. Credit: Have a serious case of sibling rivalry at home? Maybe it's time for some board games that teach your kids to work together as a team -- rather than battle it out as ...These board games teach kids to play as a team -- not against each other.

How to Play: Checkers

King me! Credit: Corbis
What you need: Two players, a checkers board and 24 game pieces (12 will be red and 12 will be black).
How to play: Each player sits at opposite ends of the board, and one player uses the red p...
Win the most pieces!

Oh, Really! Game

You prefer makeup over memory? Oh, really! Credit: Amazon Kids are just bursting with opinions. So, as you might imagine, letting them share their true feelings can lead to some pretty fun -- and surprising -- family time. Oh, Really...Rank what's most important in this lively board game.

How to Play: Sequence

Form sequences, win the game! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Two to 12 players and the Sequence board game.
How to play: This game is played by two players, two teams, three players or three teams. Players are dealt a certain n...
You need Two to 12 players and the Sequence board game for this game.

Toy Fair 2011: Top 10 Board Games

No matter how fancified, upgraded, or teched-out games become –- whether they involve iPads or LEGO bricks –- they're still old-fashioned board games at the core. So grab your family and sit around the "boards" of these great new games ...No matter how fancified, upgraded, or teched-out games become –- whether they involve iPads or LEGO bricks –- they're still old-fashioned board games at the core.

Best New Family Board Games

Lego enters the board game arena with games including Harry Potter Hogwarts. Credit: Maybe it's just too dang cold to play outside. Maybe you've had about all you can take of the latest SpongeBob marathon on TV. Or maybe ...It is so on! Family game night just got a little more fun with the season's newest board games.

New Monopoly has Circular Board, Songs and Credit Cards

"Monopoly: Revolution Edition " features a circular board. Credit: Hasbro Games
In honor of Monopoly's 75th Anniversary, Hasbro is releasing MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition. What makes it new? A circular board, plastic pieces and an "electronic game...

Family Board Games, Divorce and More - Links We Love

Keep kids busy on those rainy spring Saturdays with some family game time. Here are 15 favorite family board games. Guaranteed to be more fun than 10 games of Candyland in a row. -- LilSugar Whether you're worried about swine flu, the economy or ...

Candy Land to Sweeten Movie Theatres

If you haven't had the pleasure of playing Candy Land with your kids, I suggest you run right out, pick up a copy and sit down for a game tonight. Especially if your kids are teenagers. If they're little ones, however, here's some sweet news to share...

Daily Dish - Trivial Pursuit

This original version of Trivial Pursuit may not be intended for little kids, but mine loves it anyway....

DailyDish - Scattergories

Creative answers lead to great fun in this classic game of categories....

Daily Dish - Rush Hour

Encourage kids' problem solving skills with a 3-D puzzle game...

Daily Dish - Max the Cat

Board games usually pit player against player. Team up as a family for nail-biting suspense against Max the Cat....

Daily Dish - Let the games continue

The best parenting advice I've ever heard is also the simplest: play with your kids as long as they will let you....

Mother board game

Just in time for Mother's Day:  the Mother Board Game from Uncommon Goods.  People, I'm intrigued:  the game is for 2 to 16 players, and each participant can choose one of 4 moms --  "doting," "overbearing," "passive-aggressive" o...


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